What coaching is

Ever wanted to be fully heard with sympathy and empathy? Without negative judgement? Welcome to coaching. There are different methods, and here are some of the types of expert guidance I offer.

Mindful Coaching
If you are feeling overwhelmed by everyday modern life and need a little helping hand, Mindful Coaching can be an essential tool to allow you to react positively and creatively. Gain clarity and support on how you can best cope and respond.

Performance Coaching
We would all like the opportunity to improve ourselves, right? With Performance Coaching, you can increase your range of skills, optimise your talents and address your weaknesses.

Spiritual Coaching
Time to go deep. To help provide stability and balance in your life, Spiritual Coaching focuses on the soul, not the mind. You may require support as you begin a new journey in life or help in cultivating your spiritual foundations.


Professional writer and speaker

Spreading the word about what I love is part of who I am as an experienced writer and speaker. Health, wellbeing and spirituality, food and lifestyle, spa and natural beauty products are only some of the topics that I am passionate about.

An M.A degree in Investigative Journalism opened the door to an international news agency and a successful career as a journalist. Over a period of almost 20 years, my writing has educated and inspired readers, while the interviews have ranged from Prime Ministers and CEOs of top companies to celebrity chefs and expert self-development teachers.

Focusing on a holistic way of living I have published articles in magazines like European Spa, Yoga and Health, Choice Health Magazine, Foodservice Consultant, Stella Magazine (The Telegraph), Inspired Times, Massage World, Aromatherapy Times, Natural Health Magazine, IT Europa and World Eye Reports.

Please find some of my articles here http://tri-dosha.co.uk/ayurveda_chat_press_sunita.php

My most requested topics for speaking are:

Wellbeing techniques for your body type – Ayurveda workshop, 1.5hrs

Effective natural methods for healing and mental health – Ayurveda and meditation workshop, 1.5hrs

Getting a good nights’ sleep using your own natural resources – Ayurveda and meditation workshop, 1.5hrs

Family wellness: how families can eat healthier supported with the principles outlined in Ayurveda, 45min

Profiting from natural skincare – an insight into how Ayurvedic formulations serve more than an outer benefit and how to apply these trends to create business value, 45 min

I have appeared at:

The Federation of Holistic Therapist (FHT) Groups; The Yoga Show; Beauty UK; The Spa Show; Professional Beauty; The Dermal Institute; The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Expo; Holistic Health; The Vitality Show; ThinKnotts; The House of Lords; BBC Radio Newark; BBC Radio Nottingham among many other clients.

If your business can benefit from any of my services, workshops or speeches, please do not hesitate to contact my office at info@tri-dosha.co.uk.



A qualified journalist and leading Ayurveda health coach, I specialise in demystifying this ancient healing system, helping it make sense in a modern world. After years of practice, I founded two UK-based Ayurvedic training and product houses, Tri-Dosha and Neem, which supply authentic Ayurvedic skincare and training to top spas and retreats worldwide including Kempinski and Four Seasons. Internationally renowned as a wellness commentator and expert, I talk passionately on the science of the inner and the psychology of personal and professional growth.

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