“I am a person who is constantly on the go and knew that even though I exercise (I run and practice Pilates) I needed to learn how to meditate.  I find it difficult to disconnect, so I knew that a tailored made programme that adjusted well to my energy and my main concerns would be beneficial. Sunita’s programme is very thorough – with an assessment at the beginning to make sure what suits best and what is going on in ones life.  Sunita inspires peace with her gentle and non-judgmental approach. Nothing seemed difficult with her, she asked the right questions.  Disconnecting for me isn’t easy and she knew exactly how to set the right environment and get me in the right mind of frame.  The weekly Skype sessions meant I kept on track, I was accountable and fitted in meditation in my daily routine, so it could become a routine. As the weeks passed by I saw and felt an immediate change in my attitude towards situations and behaviors that are out of my control.  I’ve learnt to take a step back, to not take things personal and to realize that by remaining calm better results are achieved. I know this is just the beginning of a great shift in my well-being, thanks to Sunita’s experience, resourcefulness and wisdom.”

Patty Cruz-Fouchard (Efficiency Expert) Director & Founder,  Organised & Simple Ltd


“Sunitas programme has given me invaluable insight into the power and accessibility of meditation. The course was well structured, highly informed and I learnt so much about the Ayurvedic system of wellbeing, the different constitutions and relevance towards our individual lifestyles. Her structure provides the most fantastic introduction to meditation with a totally grounded and pragmatic approach. The sense of inner calm, relaxation and mental clarity that results from the correct breathing and meditative technique I now experience is amazing. “

Entrepreneur UK


“The format of the course worked well and it has been good to have Sunita’s support and encouragement for the past eight weeks. Her feedback has been incredibly detailed and personally tailored and her encouragement has been an essential part of maintaining both momentum and progression. Her positivity and passion for meditation and its many benefits is incredibly inspiring. Not only does this course provide a great learning opportunity, it will endow you with a life and wellness enhancing mechanism that is your forever.”

Gill Haines, Spa Consultant


“It is brilliant to finally understand ‘how to’ meditate. Step by step guidance and reassurance of the methodology allowed me to really ‘feel’ the benefits quite quickly. Wonderful programme! “

Sonal Patel, Digital Media Consultant


“Everyone has a different motivation to learn how to meditate, and for me the process started as a career focus. But over time, and as I continued with the sessions, the shift changed to my strengthening bonds with friends and family. On completion of the programme, I feel more much more mindful of events and circumstances around me. Sunita’s facilitation is very focused and she is a wonderful teacher! I experienced her teaching as heartfelt. “

Erika Golding, Raw & Cured Chef, Herb House


“Sunita’s retreat has been a very welcome addition to my busy and stressful life. I come across problems which are beyond my control on a day to day basis and have a natural tendency to panic and stress. The programme has taught me to breathe deeply which has helped me cope with stress by being able to think clearly. The structure of the programme was packed with wellbeing tools, authentic massages and the meditation was easy to follow. The regular feedback was invaluable and packed with interesting information and suggestions tailored to my individual needs and personality. It has overall made me more of a positive thinker which has led to success in my own line of work. “

Stephanie Viva Swann, Photographer


“Sunita is able to make you feel comfortable and has a great wealth of knowledge. She is a compassionate teacher and creates a fun space. “

Kim Williamson, Yoga Teacher and Entrepreneur


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Sunita for her wisdom, passion and kindness she shared on our training. I can say that Sunita is not only a gifted teacher but an inspiration to all of us out there in showing kindness and patience at all times. Sunita is a ray of sunshine and passes on her joy of Ayurveda and meditation in a very special way. Amazing course. I couldn’t recommend it enough! “

Julie Llewelyn-Thomas, Yoga Therapy Teacher


“Sunita is a knowledgeable, intuitive and gifted therapist and teacher, whose Ayurvedic treatments for body and face and guidance on meditation and mindfulness have been of huge benefit to me ever since 2010. At our first meeting she carried out an in depth assessment of physical and mental issues that were of concern to me; my concerns have been reassessed on each succeeding visit and my treatments have always been carried out in a way that brings my system back into balance and helps to restore my general wellbeing. Sunita’s personality and her approach to treatments make all her clients feel special. I have visited South India, the home of Ayurveda, many times and had wonderful treatments but the effect of Sunita’s holistic treatments far exceeds anything I have experienced on my travels.”

Margaret Clay, Librarian & Keeper of Manuscripts, The Inner Temple


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