Why work with me


At some point in our adult life we all need a bit of support to help us develop and grow, whether to overcome a challenge, understand our mistakes or simply to fulfil our potential.

Investing in your personal development, health and healing is something to feel good about. 


Look after YOU and your health and life will flourish. Outer results follow positive inner work.  Get the right guidance you require with practical tools, detoxification and self-healing methods to restore deep connections, ensure integrated communication with your loved ones and have fun along the way!

Using my own life experiences, and tried and tested concepts and combining this with Ayurvedic bodywork, meditation and coaching.

Perhaps I’m the right coach for you? Let’s find out.


As a previous client of mine commented in feedback ‘you are deeply knowledgeable and supportive through my process of transformation and instrumental to evolving me through to a more connected place.’


Warning: change is scary to the ego and you may experience some kick back.

Every single person has the right to experience life to the fullest. If you’re ready to challenge your own inner glass ceiling, get in touch today.


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